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Who are we?


Mazaljudaica.com and Shopkippot.com:

מזל Mazal: Means “a drip from above”, constellation, alignment of stars, luck or destiny. It may cary various connotations, yet the same meaning is something trickling down from above.

Mazaljudaica is an online judaica store, providing a vast array of kosher traditional items, such as kippot, blessings, mezuzot, favors for events, ketubot, and many more. We have a large variety of sophisticated gifts, for bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, brit milahs, for the home, business, Pessach, Chanukkah, Shabbat, and much more. All of these items from Israel are kosher and we abide only by our highest standards: our traditions of our fathers.

Getting married? MAZAL TOV! בוט מזל
We offer all types of kippots at the most affordable prices. Plus, for some kippot we do not require a minimum and we ship worldwide!  We offer the most competitive prices.

We also have the perfect favors for your jewish event: jordan almonds.

Since 2001 we have built a reputation for excellence and we are a judaica store leader worldwide.

Why order on Mazaljudaica?

– All items are authentic and traditional. Guaranteed.

– Low prices

– Shipping dates are respected.

– We only sell high quality jewish items.

– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

– Security: Payments are secured through SSL platform that is provided by PayPal, world leader in online shopping.

-Privacy: Your financial information is not divulged.

– Affordable shipping: All items are $5.95 except kippot which are $19.95.

– Can’t find something? Email us and our team will do their best to find it for you!

– Customer Service: We respond within 24 hours when you email us at info@mazaljudaica.com and info@shopkippot.com.

Posted October 19, 2010 by mazaljudaica

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